Whales Alive

I’ve discovered one sure way to have my dorm room to myself – listen to the CD Whales Alive, recorded by Paul Winter and Paul Halley with narrations by Leonard Nimoy. It certainly is an unusual album, mixing recorded whale calls with saxophone and pipe organ. My favorite track (the one that cleared my room in under a minute) is called “Qeeqeg and I – The Water Is Wide.” (At the moment I’m glad I’m writing and not speaking. Don’t ask me to pronounce that! Actually, in the book, the correct spelling is “Queequeg,” if that helps at all.) The track begins with quotes from the book Moby Dick by Herman Melville, and moves into a section where the sound of the saxophone is barely distinguishable from the songs of the whales. Don’t give up too quickly though – the track ends with the exquisite sounds of solo sax playing “The Water Is Wide.” It’s an unique juxtaposition of ideas, definitely worth a listen!

Click here for my complete March playlist.


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