A Curve of Gold

Great. Another blog written by a thinks-she-knows-everything college student posting inane and uninteresting details about her personal life. I know that the last thing the Internet needs is another blog, especially one written by someone who is not sharing expert opinions. To be honest, this blog is more for myself than for anyone who might read it – it gives me a place to air some of my thoughts, share ideas and music that I’ve recently discovered and give me practice in writing about these things. I’m going to try to keep things fairly cohesive though – I would enjoy having readers, and I don’t want to waste your time!

The title of the blog, “A Curve of Gold,” comes from one of my favorite poems and pieces of music, “Barter,” by Sara Teasdale. It came to mind again recently when the Georgia Boy Choir visited my college. The current artistic director, David White, commissioned a setting of the poem by René Clausen when he was the conductor of the Atlanta Boy Choir.

You can read the poem below and listen to “Barter” sung by the Atlanta Boy Choir by choosing the link to my March Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

March playlist